BotR / Forgotten Weapons Collaboration! 4 Annoying Gun Myths

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3y Oct 26, 2017

More than a whole hour of Ian and Mike shooting the... erm... breeze about four annoyingly persistent, and persistently annoying, gun myths! Complete with whisky, a veritable multitude of digressions and a Lindybeige cameo!

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Ian's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForgottenWeapons
Lindybeige's channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/lindybeige

Guns mentioned:
MG42, BREN, Lee Enfield, 1903 Springfield, SMLE, Schmidt-Rubin K31, CETME-L, StG 44, MAS-36, Gewehr 98, Steyr M95 Mannlicher straight pull

Many thanks to Ian of Forgotten Weapons for setting this up!

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
1:33 Topic 1: M1 Garand Ping
6:49 Roy Dunlap: Patient Zero
7:42 M1's and BAR's in the jungle with corrosive ammo
9:40 The earliest known written reference to the Ping myth
10:09 Aberdeen and plastic clips? Nope.
11:17 By Korea the US military knew about the myth: lessons learned
12:31 Lindybeige cameo!
13:30 Noisy M1 safety catches
16:04 Topic 2: BREN too accurate
17:52 What the British BREN training was aiming for
18:22 Digression on use of equipment, doctrine and manuals
20:02 Back to the point on cones of fire
23:06 Oh no! Dunlap again!
24:57 Dunlap's cool anecdotes
27:14 More Whisky...
28:41 Doctrine on holding the BREN to get accuracy
31:29 Topic 3: Unrealistic WW2 bolt action accuracy
33:48 Some notes on normal 20:20 vision and seeing things to hit them
37:48 Cost effectiveness vs accuracy; timber
39:47 Lee-Enfield accuracy standards, sniper rifles
42:10 Free-floated No.4's as a wartime emergency measure; Lend-Lease
43:27 Soldiers prohibited from taking rifles out of their wood
44:41 Summary of the point: accuracy of rifles and skill level of soldiers
47:44 Points about early adoptions of Maxim guns
49:12 Ammunition available for training pre-WW1
50:16 Some points on WW2 German ammo allowances and training
52:12 German 300m Gew 98 accuracy standard
54:30 Bringing the previous point back to sniper rifles
58:40 Topic 4: Mythical versions of the "Mad Minute"
59:06 Shout out to Rob of Britishmuzzleloaders
1:00:07 The various tame-ish versions of the myth
1:02:30 The version Ian sees a lot
1:03:10 Snoxall and Wallingford's records
1:04:06 What the reality seems to have been
1:04:44 How this kind of thing gets inflated
1:07:02 German "rapid fire" exercises for WW2

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