SIG Sturmgewehr 57: overview, shooting and mechanics

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3y Feb 22, 2018

Bloke and Chap take you through the Swiss Stgw 57 (not StG, that's German), in a video liberally sprinkled with live fire footage from "Kampf der Infanterie". Also known as the SIG 510, this rifle was in Swiss service from 1960 until the 1990's, and fires 7.5x55 GP11 .

Footage from "Der Kampf der Infanterie" used under fair use. Whole film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qmibfBVMJB8
Thanks to: http://www.swisswaffen.com for the use of their photo, and http://www.kudutir.ch for the use of their range!

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