Pretty Good Gaming Podcast Episode 22

Loot-boxes are Kinder Eggs Says EA! | Is Phil Spencer Underrated? & MORE

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1y Jun 23, 2019

EA and Epic Games sat down with UK Government representatives to justify some of their more questionable practices. From EA explaining that loot-boxes are akin to Kinder eggs to Epic not accepting they have a duty of care to their players. We also discuss whether Phil Spencer gets enough credit for the work he’s doing. We take the patreon questions and read some YouTube comments. This week features our inaugural Triggered Fan-boy Comment of the Week award. Do not miss it!


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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
2:33 EA & EPIC face the inquisition
28:07 Is Phil Spencer the hero we all need?
40:30 Patreon Questions
1:08:28 YouTube Questions

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