November 2017 Q&A

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3y Dec 2, 2017

Trent G
What would you change about your WWSD project if legal constraints weren’t a factor?

Which BCGs did you end up using on the WWSD rifles? I heard Karl mention in one video that he was using the faxon gunner lightweight BCG.

Sean G
how tight are the wwsd rifle fit mating up aluminum upper to polymer lowers. (upper lower play or wobble)

Levi C
Of all the odd rifles the two of you have used in 2G-ACM, which rifles comes to mind as the ones that y'all had the most fun shooting with, regardless of how you placed?

I want to get into collecting C&R but also participate in in matches like 2 gun, where would you suggest one start?

Brandon A
I want to be practical but find that the fal and ptr91 fight me perfectly and are to only rifles that feel natural. Is it just my fascination to the rifles that are clouding my judgement or is it possible that in theory I can keep up with ar15s?

Thomas B
Is competition necessary to improve skill/ stress inoculate, or is time stress and people seeing your score sufficient?

James L
I am interested in competition like your 2G-ACM you have out West in Arizona, how can I find these kind of events near me? It seems everything I can find even semi local is bench rest marksmanship, or similar.

Mark S
Karl, being the AK guru, is it better to run a red dot on a railed gas block or the side rail?

Eric B
What are your thoughts on the linear comp / blast can / sound forwarding device muzzle attachments? Does the benefit of "less perceived concussion" offset additional weight ? Does it really make you a better neighbor at the range with the trend of AR and AK pistols or shorter barreled rifles ?

Paul S
During the various matches and tactical training you have attended, have you found one type of load bearing equipment (chest rig, war belt, etc.) more generally useful or comfortable than others?

Deviant Ollam
What is it about handgun calibers that makes the projectiles ill-suited for being pointed Spitzer type bullets?

Matthew J
Are bottlenecked, high-velocity, spitzer bullets for pistols and PDWs (FN's 5.7 , HK's 4.6, maybe .22 TCM) a dead end, the future, or doomed to be a niche application?

Nick C
How does the ATF feel about using a registered auto sear in a weapon it was not originally designed for?

Adam G
Thoughts on the mini 14/30 as a defensive or competition rifle?

Adam M
Do you think that cartridges like 50 Beowulf have any application in modern combat?

Stephen W
In regards to Ian's Chauchat LMG have you considered that giving it's intended use, as an fire suppressing assault weapon, that it's inaccuracy is not a fault but rather a design feature?

Scott G
Do you believe the 1911 platform (in a world of polymer double stacks} is still a "viable" weapons platform?

What are the practical and technical differences between Red Dot sights, Reflex sights, Holographic sights and Prismatic sights.

James H
For those of us with astigmatism issues making red dots into blurry messes, are there any other options for zero eye relief sights worth trying?

Seth N
What are your experiences with red dot optics vs. holographic?

Derek M
Is the lever action alternative history series still on the horizon, or are their other projects that come first?

Shawn A
Are we going to be getting any new "Old West Vignette" in the near future?

Cody S
I like InRange in large part because of you, the presenters. What sort of non firearm related hobbies do you have, or previously had?

Carl V
Short question:
AKs in .223, are they a viable alternative considering the lack of access to 5.45?

Ian S
Do non-wipe suppressors wear out with use? Is there a difference in lifespan on rifle suppressors or pistol suppressors?

Kyle C
In your opinon, if the Browning Automatic Rifle had been kept at the M1918 standard, lightened and rechambered in 7.62 NATO, could it have been a better option than the M14?

Mitchell C
As a follow-up to your answer on my AK question last month: What are your thoughts on the new Galils in 5.56?

Fabian H
Asking this again: What are your thoughts on the Shell Shock Technologies two-piece cases?

Pavel S
If you were forced to fight in a real Rattenkrieg type urban battle (e.g. Stalingrad, Grozny) , which one firearm would you bring?

Sam W
know very little about the current net neutrality debate and I have heard compelling arguments either way. In your opinion, what is the best argument against net neutrality and why is it wrong?

Steppin' Razor
Would it be possible for people to effectively build distributed networks utilizing less resource intensive infrastructure and have connection as good or better than we have become accustomed to?

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