Faxon Q&A Episode 3

Twist rates, stress, break-in, gas ports & more!

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4y Apr 20, 2017

You asked for it, so here it is. Part 3 of our barrel discussions with Faxon. In this one we jump into twist rates, stress relief, lead lapping, break-in, gas ports and more.

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Table of Contents

Timecode Title
00:41:11 Deep dive on twist rates. How are they determined? How are twist rates made? What is ideal for my caliber / bullet? What is twist rate? 55 grain bullets in a 1/7?How is twist rate cut into a barrel?
20:46:00 Stress relieving What is “Stress” What to look for in properly stress relieved barrels. Methods of Stress Relief (Thermal vs. Cryo) Discussion on Cryo treatment in general How do you know stress relieving worked?
28:35:00 How good were the best barrels from “old times” when compared to the modern era?
31:16:00 What is lead lapping?
32:52:00 Discussion about barrel “break-in” What is it & what does it do when they break-in a barrel? What about treated barrels like Nitride and Chrome? Barrel break-in for average shooters compared to niche need shooters like bench rest competitors?
43:45:00 Gas port sizes and barrel location? Rifle length, mid length, carbine length? Gas port cutting location, between or on lands and grooves?

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