August 2019 Q&A - Finland Edition w/Jari Laine (CEO of Varusteleka) Part 2 of 2

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1y Aug 28, 2019

Josh W
What are the upper limits of performance on an AK and how much better than a Valmet or VZ-58 can you get?

John W
What is the difference between the smocks, cloaks and other 'camo outerwear' that V sells (show and tell?

Alex S.
What is the weirdest piece of military surplus you've come across?

Will K
How are Finnish combat rations? (or whatever their equivalent is)

Christopher B
Gentlemen, do you know if the finish military ever experimented with turning their Valmet rifles into bullpups?

Jari: What periods of history most captivate you, and why?

John K
What is the best Finnish meal a person should eat to experience finish cuisine?

Karl - Thoughts on adding government-mandated encryption back doors?

Kris with a K
Why is it that Finns tend to have a dead-pan style of humor?

Grant M
When I visit Finland in the future, is there a range I can visit (as a tourist) to fire some uniquely Finnish firearms like the Suomi SMG or the KK62?

Denis T
For Jari: Do you know any rifle range with rental guns within reasonable distance from Helsinki (about one hour on a train), open for non-citizens?

William M
How does Finnish internet compare to the US? (General speed/price, availability of ISPs, net neutrality laws, etc.)

Eamon B
Jari, is it legal for Americans to order the alcoholic beverages on Varusteleka? Will they make it through customs?

Richard Delve
I was with the Canadian 4th Construction Engineer Regiment in the former Yugoslavia in 1992 - UNPROFOR. While in Sector East (Vukovar), we had some Finnish soldiers from a construction battalion with us. Were any of you guys from Varusteleka involved in that mission, or in Vukovar? p.s. They brought a portable sauna with them and initiated us into the wonderful tradition...

Martin M
Where/what would you recommend visitors to Finland to go or do?

Matthew J
Why are so many Finnish adaptations of Russian guns near-universally fantastic, while native designs seem to be no better or worse than those of other countries?

Angus A
In Finland can you buy imported Russian guns like SVDs and AK74s? If yes, how much do they cost?

What do you think about New rk62m?

Mathias L
Hi Karl and finns! Karl, you have previously stated that when designing stages for rifle, you have the AKM as the lowest denominator. Do you have a lowest denominator when designing pistol stages?

Vic R
If you had a choice between the Finnish and American military surplus market and could only stick to one, which would you prefer to have?

Hi, can you explain what were the handguns used by finish police & military?

Timo G
Will we ever see Finnish Brutality in winter?

Charles S
Are SMGs in use in any significant numbers in the Finnish military?

Erik S
What is the biggest difference that you guys have seen between Finnish and American gun culture that don't have to do with the differing gun laws?

James B
How is the ammo in Finland compared to the selection in the U.S.?

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