Seeing the Ascent Vaporizer For the 1st Time - E-cig VS Vaporizer

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6y Jun 12, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - This is part 2 of our journey to evangelize people about portable vaporizers. We headed out to the downtown Fremont Las Vegas and got really interesting thoughts from people about what they think about the Ascent.

The DaVinci™ Ascent is the most advanced and world’s most advanced vaporizer. It was quite funny how other people thought otherwise. A tazer, shaver and vibrator(again?) - that's what people said. But most of the guys we approach knew that since they're in Vegas, it's going to be a vaporizer.

We talked to an expert as well to make sure we emphasize the difference between an e-cig/mod and portable vaporizer. Ecigs are actually heating up liquid whereas portable vaporizers are baking dry plant matter.

The Ascent has 100% glass pathway and it surely is the reason why you can get cleanest and the purest flavor when vaping. Check out our site today at http://www.davincivaporizer.com for more information. Thanks for watching!


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