The Sony A7S III "Dual ISO" and setting the camera up for VIDEO!

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10m Sep 15, 2020

This is a short update to my rather long review. I now have my release camera and have checked to see if the "Dual ISO" point of the pre-production camera is the same, it isn't.

I show how big a difference it makes and where that switch is for different profiles.

I have also set the camera up for my ideal video settings, custom menus, shortcut buttons, function menu, picture profiles etc. You can download the settings file to load into your A7S III from the link below.


Review of the Sony A7S III: https://youtu.be/W6G7Lk3tr0Y
"Now I see Part 2": https://youtu.be/k6CFxmEIygs
"The Paddleboarder" https://youtu.be/54O7DNwwLy4

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