Old-School Wool Serge vs. (Poly)cotton uniform snow test

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4y Feb 23, 2017

Since The Bloke and The Chap were up in the mountains with their families anyway, they decided to use the opportunity to test an old wool serge uniform against its (poly)cotton replacement in the only way they knew how: go skiing in them and get deliberately intimate with the snow! Much falling over resulted... Some not entirely deliberately... (PS - hang around after the end card...)

Here's the result, which also includes The Chap giving one version of the possibly mythical Wyberschlacht auf der Langmatte (Wimminz battle on the Long Meadow), supposedly fought between the women of Lenk and some Valasian cattle-rustlers who'd come over the mountains. A different variant of this battle is here (in German): http://lenk-simmental.ch/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/wyberschlacht-auf-der-langermatte.pdf

Apologies for the sound quality - we were working with action cams (for safety and to avoid damaging The Bloke's nice Sony) and had to post-process the ever loving heck out of it due to background noise, hence why it sounds a bit "tinny" and echoey at times. Trust me, it's a massive improvement on the native audio...

No Patreon funds were used in the making of this film (we were there anyway), but if you'd like to help us improve our firearms-related content, please consider supporting us here.

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