Neal & Lapre Training: The intersection of Tactical and Competition - Part 1

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3y Sep 19, 2017

The next Lapre/Neal class is a carbine class on 11/18-19, 2017. If you are interested, please contact info@inrange.tv and we'll get you connected.

Part 1: Live fire drills, shooting on the clock and weapon handling.

Kelly Neal is a very accomplished competitive shooter amongst many diverse shooting competitions and Chris Lapre is a veteran SWAT LEO that has been through more than his share of real-world lessons and they're working together to provide top tier training.

These Neal/Lapre classes are truly unique in that they approach the topic from both the competitive and tactical sides simultaneously. This is directly inline with InRangeTV's opinion on the topic so we visited with them for 1 day of this 2 day class to bring you some information and encouragement to do the same.

At this time, Neal & Lapre only teach in central Arizona and they have an intermittent schedule but we will keep our viewers informed as to when they plan to have more courses to take and, if you're sufficiently local (or willing to travel), you should do so.

We can not recommend anything taught by these two men highly enough.

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