An Illustrative Example of Flimsy Thinking and Bad Faith Discourse from @David Pakman Show

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10m Nov 10, 2020

A few days ago, I watched a video on David Pakman’s channel. For those who don’t know, he’s a pretty well known pundit. He has a talk show on radio, TV and youtube. David is of the progressive, left-wing, liberal bent.

The video was about an audio clip from a conversation between Jared Kushner and Bob Woodward. In the video, Pakman interpreted one of Kushner’s statements in a way that can only be described as head in the sand. Rather than acknowledge the many considerations that have to be weighed with regards to COVID and the public policy response to it, Pakman opts to paint an absurd caricature of Republicans that is well-advertised among and by democrats.

The clip I wanted to show you is very short.


Now, Pakman can acknowledge the complexities involved in the question of what our response to COVID should be, in the question of how best to reduce the spread of COVID without crippling the economy and so on and still be critical of Kushner’s point or rhetoric here. My point is not to defend everything that Kushner said. Rather, I want to highlight this as an example of how not to engage in good faith discourse, as an example of straw-manning your opponents, and as an example of how interpreting someone’s statement in the worst possible way actually weakens your own argument and makes you look silly.

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