This BUG Almost BROKE Discord. Here's How.

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3m Aug 12, 2020

These bugs broke Discord. In this video, I show you guys some Discord Bugs that broke or even crashed Discord. Some of these bugs are not well known for new Discord users, so I decide to share some of the most interesting Discord Bugs. By the end of this video, you will learn about bugs that broke Discord.

Reporting bugs is honestly more fun than you would think! If you ever encounter any Discord Bugs, I would suggest you report them in the Discord Testers server. Who knows, you may even earn yourself the Discord Bug Hunter Badge (after some successful bug reports).

Discord Testers:

So in this video, I basically show you some old Discord Bugs that broke Discord and caused people's clients to crash. Discord Testers is a great place to report Discord Bugs, and to help out Discord's Development by catching these unwanted issues. If you want to join the Discord Testers server to report other Discord Bugs (and maybe even get the Discord Bug Hunter badge), then you can join it using the link above. #Discord #Bugs

Table of Contents

Timecode Title
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Most notorious Discord Bug Ever
1:30 This Discord Bug Crashed Clients!
2:00 Discord Testers for Bugs
3:00 Discord's Bug Reports
4:00 More Discord Bugs
6:30 Server Discovery Bug
7:20 Conclusion

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