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1m Nov 28, 2021

YouTube has been rolling out an update to hide dislikes on videos. This may seem harmless but let me explain why it’s a problem and what the solution is.

Removing the dislikes is a threat to free speech because it’s a way to censor sentiment and public consensus, trust, etc. While on other platforms you could start a conversation easily, on YouTube, the majority of conversation on any video is typically in the comments and the consensus is formed by the likes vs dislikes. Since it would take many reactions videos to clearly show a trend of negative sentiment for just one piece of content and the amount of content being produced that may generate negative reactions, it’s impossible to keep up with now.

The hiding or removal of dislikes is simply to create a perceived positive perception of all content and then YouTube will simply remove the content that is doesn’t want to be seen positively. This effectively makes everything on the platform propaganda by design.

To continue exercising your free speech, I suggest using alternative platforms like Hive or Odysee. I also suggest opening uncensorable comment and like/dislike pages using Gab’s Dissenter application or website. It effectively lets you create a secondary comment section with likes and dislikes to give your opinion on any URL. Dissenter is now called https://trends.gab.com/.

Has your YouTube updated yet? Did you notice this change? What are your thoughts on hiding the dislikes and censorship? Let me know what you think about this in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe!
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