A Yaron Brook Lecture: Free Speech and the Battle for Western Culture

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3y Sep 19, 2018

Recorded January 21, 2015 in Costa Mesa, CA.

Above all else, the West’s fight for liberty was historically a fight for the free mind against religious and political tyranny. If knowledge and happiness are the goal, the individual must be free to think and speak without threat of violence, imprisonment or death. This idea is at the root of the West’s unprecedented prosperity. And without this right, ARI could not advocate the new ideas and the new philosophy that can revive the West’s greatness. But today the right to free speech is precarious. This right is under vehement attack by our enemies, the latest being the massacre at Charlie Hebdo, and is being increasingly dismissed by the West itself. Yaron Brook explores the reasons why the right to free speech is being attacked and why it is imperative that we properly defend freedom of speech.

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Time-stamp index to the Q&A:
0:47:13 Q&A#1: How has the right responded to the threats to free speech?
0:49:38 Q&A#2: What about "free speech zones" on university campuses?
0:55:51 Q&A#3: What are the proper terms to describe America's political trends?
0:59:12 Q&A#4: Is constitutionality always the proper standard for judging these issues?
1:00:26 Q&A#5: What about the prospect of FCC control of the Internet?
1:01:23 Q&A#6: How does multiculturalism affect the battle for free speech?
1:03:21 Q&A#7: What are practical ways to fight for free speech?
1:04:13 Q&A#8: Is free speech in danger with respect to the climate change issue?
1:05:42 Q&A#9: Why not refer to "Iranian and Saudi funded terrorists"?
1:09:45 Q&A#10: What about media outlets that are afraid of reprisals for publishing cartoons?
1:11:14 Q&A#11: Why is the press unwilling to call out Islam?
1:19:14 Q&A#12: Please discuss the hacking of Sony over the film "The Interview."
1:21:43 Q&A#13: What about the "security state" -- TSA frisking, NSA spying and so forth?
1:24:27 Q&A#14: How does the Balfour Declaration relate to current events in Israel?
1:28:38 Q&A#15: Is profiling consistent with free speech?

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Yaron Brook, Radical for Capitalism, discusses news, culture and politics from the principled perspective of Ayn Rand's philosophy, Objectivism. Yaron is the executive chairman of the Ayn Rand Institute and a world class speaker.


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