How to Beat the FRACKING VIRUS in "CARGO" (2018)

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1y Aug 19, 2020

If you got infected by a zombie virus and only had 48 hours left to live, what would you do with your baby?

In this How to Beat video, we’ll follow the characters, see if we can make better decisions, and ultimately attempt to beat the Fracking Virus in, Cargo. If you think you have a better way, let me know in the comments! If you like these how to beat videos, consider subscribing.

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If you watch horror movies and spend an absurd amount of time wondering if you could beat the monsters or villains, you'll enjoy my 'How to Beat' series. :)

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Eric Brawer @ericbr 1y 1 year ago

Just live on an island and learn how to fish.

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Taraful Crescut • 2021

4 days ago