Internet Cen$or$ Undi$clo$ed Adverse Reactions to Push Passports & Mandates

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2m Jul 22, 2021

This is a re-upload of an old lost episode #52 that was published in May 2021. However, I am re-uploading it as a billboard trailer, and please click on the Odysee link below to watch the full episode there. It seems YT is allowing snippets of a sensitive topic video, so I'm taking advantage of the opportunity while it lasts. :)

Welcome to another episode of Merkaba Chakras Podcast with Buddhist author, Von Galt. Today, I am revealing critical information that the internet is censoring regarding the life-threatening adverse reactions that may develop long-term from "V" recipients from showing you the actual public Oracle BI databases of "V" injured from around the world, which the drug co. are tracking. It is a simple conclusion after seeing all the censored information, which is that all roads lead to the "V" in favor of passports and mandates.

Due to the lack of free speech on YT, please click on the link below to watch the full video episode. In terms of angel numbers, the full episode is 3:26:26. Repeat 3:26:26 is translated in angel numbers as when all hope seems lost, an army of angels are descending to help the master teachers create a better reality. I sure do hope so. Ironically, the YT trailer episode happens to be master teacher number exactly 3: 33. ;)


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