Alisha Johnson-It's not a straight line - We rise together - Selling on heels Episode # 5

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Alisha Johnson has almost always worked in sales, but that career path was never a foregone conclusion. Nonetheless, from Knives to wide area networks, sales always seems to be drawing her in.
With over a decade as a top-performing individual contributor, Alisha left her corporate career to pursue her PhD in Education Policy, where her research and work teaching undergraduates granted her a fresh understanding of what it means to effectively sell.
Ultimately returning to the world of sales, Alisha has since used her experience and passion for coaching and professional development to lead sales teams. As such, she has had the opportunity to develop her own scalable onboarding and training programs. Alisha is currently at fintech upstart Affirm in their Chicago office, where she is working to help build and scale the business development team.

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