Tiger Valley 2 Man Team Match - Waco, TX - Nov 4 & 5, 2017!

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For more information and to enroll, goto this link below:


PLEASE NOTE: The description says nothing larger than .308 and that's a misnomer - they mean nothing bigger than standard 30 caliber service cartridges. 7.92x57 (8mm mauser) or 54R are fine...just no 300 win mag, etc...*

Facility and match director and 23 year SWAT team veteran TJ Pilling originally started this match as a 4 man team event to provide an opportunity for anyone, not just SWAT team members, to experience what a national SWAT team competition is like.

As a result of those lofty goals, the match is not only a test of marksmanship but also phyiscally and psychologically challenging.

The match was turned into a 2 man event in 2014, along with abandoning the shotgun (thus turning it into a 2 gun match), in an attempt to be more inclusive and boost attendence.

While the matches were loved and appreciated by all who participated, the match was discontinued after 2014 due to the relatively small number of attendees.

InRange asked TJ to give it one more try in 2017 and he's obliged. Not only has he given us the opportunity to shoot ths match again, he's providing a classic division with 1/2 the round count for those of you who want to test your WW2 firearms skills.

Please join us for this epic event, it's truly an incredble experience that transcends just being a match! As it gets closer we'll post an InRange dinner meet-and-greet for anyone joining us at the match.

Hopefully we'll see some of you there!

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