InRangeTV's New Discord Server!

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4y Jul 20, 2017

We've instigated a new Patreon perk for the $5 and above level: a private InRangeTV administrated Discord server.

Discord, if you're not familiar with it, is the pretty much the fangled version of IRC (Internet Relay Chat). If you don't know what IRC is, then think of this way: Discord is a private chatroom that only InRangeTV Patreon supporters can join.

This means we can have a conversation amongst ourselves in our own space without the background radiation noise of the internet. This server has been up only one day so far and the quality, and fun, of the conversations going on there is astounding.

If you're already at Patreon supporter, THANK YOU!

If you're on the edge, maybe this will convince you.

If you're neither, or can't - we get it, thank you for watching, please just subscribe and share with your friends.

InRangeTV's Patreon:

Discord information and downloads here:

About InRangeTV

InRange is an online video program dedicated to the study of guns, shooting, gun culture, and history. We dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.


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