Outtake: Karl Shooting Stages 1&2, Phoenix 2-Gun Match, Sept 2015

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5y Sep 23, 2015

See the full match review video at Full30: https://www.full30.com/video/58411dddc36ab00ebd0b733c186e7336

The inaugural 2G-ACM Phoenix division match was just this last week, SEPTEMBER 2015. This video is just here to show an example of what a stage is like at a 2G-ACM event in full context.

In this stage the shooter:
Stage 1:
Starts at 100 yards from the 8" steel circle target at low ready.
At buzzer, shooter goes prone and gets 1 hit.
Shooter safely grounds rifle and then throws the 25lbs Kettlebell.  Where it lands is their next shooting position.
Shooter repeats this until they pass the orange cone with the KB and then they acquire one last hit.
At that point they have 20 seconds to stand, reload with a 20 round magazine and prepare for the immediate stage 2 commencement.

Stage 2:
1 shot at each paper target starting at 50 yards, then moving forward to the middle cone, then left, then right, then middle then forward and then finishing with 2 hits on each target's head 0 zone with the pistol.
Any pistol shots that land on the target outside of the head are to be scored as no-shoot penalties.

Tying the two stages together with an only 20 second break adds physical and mental stress to the shooter thus making what would be a relatively simple stage hard.

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