The Origin of the Pyramids

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9m Dec 7, 2020

CLAIM: Archaeologists do not know how the pyramids were built, or even by who, and have no real evidence to prove one way or another.

Dr. Owen Rees of the awesome Bad Ancient Blog patiently and thoroughly guides us into a heatedly debated question in the "novice historian / archaeologist world" and that is "How were the Ancient Pyramids Built?"

He explains how and why the claim above is false and then proceeds to set the record straight in order to properly debunk the misinformation presented in fringe "history" books and online conspiracy videos.

We discuss Egyptian art, experimental archaeology, what the actual experts think and so very much more!

To quote an article on the pyramids from the Bad Ancient Blog:

The pyramids are the most iconic and impressive features of ancient Egypt. They are giant monuments that have enthralled visitors ever since. Because of their great size and their great age, they have also been subject to wild speculation and misinformation. Among the more outlandish claims is that the pyramids were built by extra-terrestrials, as if ancient people from North-Africa would somehow be incapable of constructing these edifices.

Academically trained archaeologists have studied the pyramids for decades. The ancient Egyptians built the pyramids using techniques and tools that are familiar to modern construction workers (Stocks 2003, pp. 25-73). The tools may have been simpler, and the work more labour-intensive and time-consuming, but the pyramids were the result of human sweat and elbow grease. The skills used in building the pyramids were refined over the course of centuries, subject to a process of trial and error, and also put to use in other monumental building projects, including temples and the erection of colossal statues.

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