Hide Logos with the Logo Toggle Add-in for PowerPoint

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4m Sep 2, 2021

You can download the Logo Toggle add-in for PowerPoint from https://www.brightcarbon.com/logotoggle/

Hi. In today's video, we will look at a scenario where you have a company logo placed in your PowerPoint presentation. This logo shows up on all sides. In addition to the company logo, you also have a product logo on some slides. This profusion of logos makes some corporate bosses very happy but there's a downside. What if you have slide content that's large and fills up the entire area? Or what if you have a detailed chart and the logo covers up the chart legend?

In scenarios such as these, you may want to remove the logo. However, this is easier said than done. Why? Because, at times you may need to get the logo back! Yes, this sounds strange, but life can be confusing, and you may have to balance between the two approaches of having a logo and not having one. Fortunately, you can hide the logo in PowerPoint. This approach lets you unhide the logo as needed. However, the issue here is that this constant hiding and unhiding is going to take so much time. What do you do if you have 40 or 50 slides? Or even worse, you need to something of this sort with multiple presentations?

There must be an easy way and that's exactly what we are talking about in today's video. In today's video, we look at a small free PowerPoint add-in created by Jamie Garroch of BrightCarbon that's called Logo Toggle.

Clicking the Help button brings up a small informative window that explains what the Toggle Visibility button does. It also mentions that “An object is considered to be a logo file if the name in the Selection Pane contains the word ‘logo’ (case insensitive)” We will access the Selection Pane and look at object names later. For now, let’s dismiss this window and click the About button. Doing so lets you know that this add-in was created by BrightCarbon, and it also offers you to open their site if you click the Yes window. We already visited their site to download the Logo Toggle add-in, so for now, let’s just say No.

Now, look at this presentation which has a few slides, and you will notice a company logo at the bottom left and a different product logo at the bottom right. Typically, the logos live in the Slide Master and not on individual slides but for reasons of simplicity, I have retained these logos on the actual slides. Of course, you can follow the same process using the Slide Master. In fact, if all your logos are only in the Slide Master, hiding them will be so much easier because you will have to do it only in one place but you will often come across scenarios where people will place logos or individual slides and that's a scenario that we are trying to replicate.

Let's now select the company logo on one of the slides and access the Selection Pane. The keyboard shortcut to bring up the selection pane is Alt + F10. click the Alt + F10 keyboard shortcut again to hide the Selection Pane. Another way to access the Selection Pane is by accessing the Home tab of the Ribbon, and clicking on the Select button. In the ensuing drop-down list, choose Selection Pane.

With a company logo selected, you can see that the Selection Pane calls it logotea. If it was named something else, such as XYZ company, then you will have to rename it within the Selection Pane. To do so, you select the item within the Selection Pane and click, and then type in a new name. It’s the same with the product logo, which in our case is named logogreentea. With both these logos, the word logo is contained in the names. We also have both these logos on several other slides in this presentation.
To hide all logos in the entire presentation you can click on the Toggle Visibility button within the Logo tab of the Ribbon and instantly all logos will be hidden if the word logo is contained within the names of the slide objects to hide, as can be seen in the Selection Pane. You can see a canceled eye icon to indicate that the slide object is hidden in the Selection Pane.

Want all the logos back? All you need to do is click on the Toggle Visibility button again an all logos instantly come back. The canceled eye icon is replaced by the visible eye icon in the Selection Pane.

So, what do you do if you manually hid some logo icons and left others visible? What if you want all of them to be visible again? The simple answer is that you need to press the Reset button in this case and visible logos will continue to be visible, and all hidden logos will be also be visible.

Hopefully, this video helped you overcome any issue with hiding and unhiding logos. If you want to learn more PowerPoint and presenting skills, do subscribe to our channel. Also, do comment and share your thoughts. Have a safe and rewarding day.

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