Chieftain's Q&A 18. Guinness, Almond Fingers, and a Revisit to Elbonia

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7m Jan 22, 2021

Part 1 of two.

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Table of Contents

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00:00 Greetings!
02:03 Is Guinness is actually a decent drink?
03:09 Have I ever trained with other nations’ militaries?
05:37 Thoughts on current Canadian armor?
06:25 For tank-infantry co-operation, what differences are there when the infantry’s transports are APCs vs IFVs?
08:19 Which German tank would I prefer to command on the Eastern Front?
09:20 What has been the biggest inconsistency I’ve found in one nation’s archives when doing research?
11:06 The impression is the Germans went much more into disruptive pattern camo than the Allies. Is this true?
14:27 Are there any accounts of armored trains used vs tanks or other AFVs.
15:37 How would German AFV production numbers have looked had they only produced Panzer 3, 4 and associated variants, rather than also producing Panther, Tiger, etc?
17:11 Can the Elbonian Armored Force be saved from its sabotage?
22:19 Which uniform/tank color scheme do I find the prettiest?
22:35 If the “water tank” subterfuge had not occurred, what would tanks have been called?
23:11 Can autoloaders unload rounds, and is there a manual backup?
23:55 How is a tank ace defined?
24:12 Can I briefly describe the development of the organization of armored units
25:03 What’s the deal with the swing-out rubber panels on T-72s?
25:49 Does adding extra infantry or equipment on top of the tank cover air intakes and result in problems?
26:08 How will armored doctrine evolve to deal with the drone threat?
26:47 The merit of indirect fire equipment on tanks
29:45 What was the first tank wider than one man to have a centrally located driver?
30:30 Why eliminate the bow gunner so quickly after WW2?
31:00 I’ve mentioned I play DCS. Which modules?
31:24 How would I deal with an enemy vehicle I came across but couldn’t confirm had been knocked out or abandoned?
31:55 Would I use Operation Fortitude inflatables as Christmas decorations?
32:24 Did the “traditional” armored units of England and the Commonwealth keep their existing British tanks and the Americans go only to the ‘new units for the war effort"?
34:37 What are my thoughts about the Hussite Wars and the use of the War Wagon?
35:40 Were there armored clashes in the early battles of the war in the Donbas
36:20 Do I plan to or would I like to go back and do full Inside the Hatches on any vehicles I looked at with Sofilein?
36:57 If the Cold War went hot in the mid to late 60s, who would have fared better in tank on tank engagements?
38:00 The 17pr was known for excessive blast and blinding muzzle flash, what was done with the 20pr to fix this?
38:25 Will the Aberdeen Tank Collection ever be seen by the public again?

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