May 2019 Q&A

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2y May 31, 2019

Gannon W
Why are there so many side feeding SMGs in WWII as opposed to bottom or top feed?

Brandon A
In your opinion is the scar 16/17 a durable enough rifle for smaller nations to maintain and use as a standard service rifle for several decades?

Jamie B
Opinions on running suppressed rifle during 2G match?

Phil B
Are drop-in uppers like the BRN-180 the future of the AR? (in terms of upgrades, conversion to piston, etc)

Leonard H
Why don't we see more carbon fiber in current firearms?

London Jolly
Putting aside the advantages of economy of scale and looking just at the rifles themselves, is there any other platform that can stay toe-to-toe with the AR on most points, if not exceed it on some?

Shervin S
What do you think of an FG-42 in an intermediate cartridge (either 7.62x39 or 5.56)? Can it be done and would there be a market for it, assuming a semi-auto only model?

Steven W
Repeat question: If you were on a limited budget, are already doing consistent dryfire and manipulation practice and wanted to improve your shooting the most would you spend your budget on matches, range practice, or classes?

repeat: "US military style" irons or sub $100 red dot optics - would you trust the optics?

Now that Ian's book is on its way out, do you have any intentions of writing a book Karl?

Nate H
What are your thoughts on side charging uppers for the AR-15? As a lefty I can't say I mind a reciprocating right side handle.

Kyle C
Do you think gas seal revolvers could still have a role in today's shooting culture? I'd really like to see one chambered in, say, 44 Magnum or 10mm. Auto

Brion B
How long after you the post the q and a email do you collect all the questions?

Richard C
What are your thoughts about fan obsessions and memes such as Ian’s “Gun Jesus” moniker as one example?

How do you think the Trapdoor Springfield would have stacked up on the clock compared to their European single-shot black powder counterparts (for example, the Gras)?

Jacob B
What are your thoughts regarding a WWSD style firearm built around an AR57 upper?

John H
Compensator on an everyday carry pistol: useful or gimmick?

Chris C
Is Cordite propellant still in use in any modern military role? If so why is it still being used?

Joshua K
When did the difference between a “magazine” and a “clip” become so important & entrenched given that as recently as World War II you see US Army Ordnance using the terms somewhat interchangeably in publications and film?

Thumbhole stocks. Everyone I've ever asked has said that they are abhorrent, inferior in every way to a pistol grip. Yet several guns in past or current military use, such as the Accuracy International that is on Forgotten Weapons, have them. Is it truly inferior and why would a military use it if it was?

Andrew C
At Desert brutality 2020 can we get a metal band to hold a concert?

Keith D
For Karl. Do you recommend a specific aftermarket trigger or fire control pack for your AK's?

Ed M
Not the strongest guy and 7.62 AKs bruise me up, do you have any tips in improving recoil handling?

What's your opinions on the resurgence of PCCs in the last couple years. Do you think they have any merit over a short barreled carbine or are they just an excuse for people to own a gun that doesn't cost as much to feed and is more pleasant to shoot?

Prior asked question: You find yourself in the year 1900, what firearm from the time period do you chose as your every day carry and why?

Mihir K
(Attempt #3) While it certainly looks cool in movies and video games (i.e. John Wick, Splinter Cell), what is your opinion on the practicality of the Center Axis Relock (CAR) shooting system, and have you ever seen it used at a match?

Yuriy R
Do you think we will see a mechanical system for supporting a firearm during use (like the M56 Smartgun rig from "Aliens") any time soon?

Is there any good reason to own desert eagle? Does it have some practical use?

John W
I have brain cancer, and am missing part of my vision as a result; could I still participate in a 2g event?

Angus A
What is the accuracy gain from a free float fore-end? In practical terms, what does it give an ar15's MOA?

Gori the all powerful
It's been a while since you started the discord server. How do you feel about it after all this time?

Peter Z
I've asked this previously, but is the AR-15 a DI gun or could it be considered a long stroke system?

Probably Satan
Have you ever had buyers remorse after a firearm related purchase; if so, why?

Connor D
What are your thoughts on doing a Cowboy Action 2 gun match?

Bobby M
If you were to add a 22lr category to 2GACM how would you do the rules???

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