Charan Sparsh Touch Kailash tour 2022 | Visit Holy Kailash

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5m Apr 19, 2021

Charan Sparsh Touch Kailash tour 2022 | Visit Holy Kailash
After breakfast, Pilgrims walk for 4 hours (6kms) from Dirapuk to touch the feet of Mount Kailash which is known as Charan Sparsh. They feel like they have been blessed by Lord Shiva by actually touching the base of Kailash Mountain. Pilgrims offer Pooja and seek blessing from Lord Shiva. While returning back, takes around one and half hours to 2 hours and it is a day tour / Yatra from Dirapuk.
“Charan” means “feet” and “Sparsh” means “to touch”. Together they meaning to touch one’s feet”. It has been a tradition since time immemorial to touch the feet of Kailash Parbat. There is a scientific basis to “Charan Sparsh”. Since the human body is releasing vibrations touching the feet which encourages flow of energy and blessings, happiness and successful life. This exchange of energy gives one vigor, self-confidence and contentment. One experiences an inner glow. The blessings received after “Charan Sparsh” are like invisible amour. They motivate and give strength.

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0:00 Charan Sparsh introduction
0:10 Touch Kailash Parvat
0:43 Om Namo Shivaya chanting with group
1:10 Kailash Parvat

Hope that this video gives you a new experience of the Yatra. ॐ नमो शिवाय ???

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0:00 Introduction
0:07 Guide briefing for Yam Dwar
0:14 White stupa Yam Dwar
0:40 Make 3 Round of Yam Dwar

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