Why You're Wrong About Bobby Bacala | The Sopranos

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1m Aug 3, 2021

HBO’s The Sopranos follows the trials and tribulations of New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano. The show contains a wide variety of interesting characters with depth and nuance, from Christopher Moltisanti, Janice Soprano, Ritchie April, Ralph Cifaretto, Johnny Sack and much much more.

Many of the supporting characters of the shows are now legendary and iconic, and there is perhaps no character more beloved to Sopranos fans than Bobby Baccalieri, better known as Bobby Bacala, played by Steve Schiripa. First appearing in ‘Do Not Resuscitate’, the 2nd episode of the second season of the show, Bobby has gone onto become perhaps the most loved character in the entire series. He’s a big guy, but he’s got a big heart, he’s shy, naïve, and thoughtful. He’s a little dub, which makes him endearing, and he gets made fun of a lot in the show and is something of a pushover. He also formed a dynamic duo with Junior Soprano, the two characters sharing excellent chemistry and playing off one another in entertaining fashion. This “aw shucks” attitude of the character sticks out in a bizarre way but lovable way, given how Bobby is surrounded by vicious sociopaths and bloodthirsty killers. This gentle giant has won the hearts of Sopranos fans everywhere, with notable reasons being his love for his children and his faithfulness to his wife Karen, the fact that he as a grown man in the mob played with trains, and his tragic death, which came via a mob execution as part of a mob war which Bobby thought was over, but he had been misinformed. Bobby is remembered by fans of the show as a lovable big goof, the only decent guy out of the main characters in the show, one who only truly became unshakably angry when the lives of his children were in danger.

Today however, I wanted to offer an alternate take, one that will perhaps be controversial for Sopranos fans.

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