Bonus Video - Off the Range: Via Ferrata Kandersteg

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4y Jul 31, 2016

WARNING: This video is nothing to do with guns or shooting. It's a bonus video, so it's not like it's replacing any bangy content!

Sometimes the Bloke has the opportunity to do other things. With The Chap even! And entirely in the absence of Things That Go Bang.

So, on a sunny Saturday when the rest of Family Bloke and Family The Chap were away, the two gentlemen concerned decided to commune with a mountain. As you do. We've got 'em here. As such, they tackled the K4-graded via ferrata above Kandersteg (via ferratas are graded from K1 - easiest - to K5 - hardest).

So, enjoy with us the views, the stupid tacticrap banter, and the rejuvenating beer at the end!

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Firearms history, blokesplaining firearms mechanics, mythbusting, shooting sports and kitschy sketches all in one place. An often dry and sarcastic look at whatever takes the Bloke's and the Chap's fancy in the world of guns and shooting.


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