Hudson H9 - First Shots & Unboxing

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3y Nov 18, 2017

We really don't do a lot of reviews of new guns on InRange because we're only interested in interesting guns, and most new guns aren't interesting. The Hudson H9 is interesting and we're very excited to be able to do a review and have hands on with this unique pistol.

That said, we've had far too little time with it at this point to make a real review!

We want InRange reviews to be as thorough and legitimate as possible, so that's not this video. In this video we go through unboxing, and firing our first rounds through the gun, then give our initial first impressions:

How does it feel?
Is it zeroed out of the box?
Can we spin a spinner with this thing with no practice?
...and more.

So, check it out, and please stay tuned for more Hudson H9 content coming soon to InRange!

We have really neato swag:

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