CFTC Behnam: Silver futures were able to "tamp down" what could have been a much worse situation...

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3m Apr 27, 2021

Did the #CFTC's acting commissioner #RostinBehnam just admit that rather than regulating the silver market, that he condoned it being manipulated and tamped down by the banks that run the #COMEX?

Keep in mind this clip was first posted on March 18, over 1 month after the CFTC had been sitting on the detailed evidence I submitted to them on February 12.

Evidence which explains in detail the question that the CFTC and the banks are unable (or unwilling) to explain. Which of course is:

"How did the price of silver fall 10% on February 2nd, while the demand for silver set historical records that were so big, that the LBMA admitted they were weeks away from running out of silver, and the silver trusts actually changed their prospectuses to include language to protect them from a short squeeze, but went out of their way not to tell anybody about it?"

The CFTC, #JPMorgan, #GoldmanSachs, the CME, the #PerthMint, and many more either can't or won't answer this question.

Although to see the detailed evidence I submitted to the CFTC's whistleblower program on February 12 that lays it out clear as day, go to:

If you feel that CFTC commissioner Rostin Behnam should explain why the futures market was able to “tamp down” a dangerous situation in the silver market, and why the agency acted to “control the price and volatility” click here:

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