Why Didn't Billy Batts Run? | Goodfellas Explained

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1m Sep 10, 2021

Martin Scorsese’s gangster classic Goodfellas follows mafia hood Henry Hill as he works his way up the mob ladder. Hill is an associate of Lucchese crime family captain Paul Vario, called Paul Cicero in the film, who mentors Henry. Henry is also friends with Tommy DeSimone, called Tommy DeVito in the film, and Jimmy Burke, called Jimmy Conway in the movie, played by Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro respectively. Jimmy is an unpredictable gangster, ambitious and calculation. He is labelled “wild” by Paulie in the film and Tommy is even worse than Jimmy, as he’s essentially a trigger-happy murdering lunatic who has no qualms about murdering innocent people.

One of the most famous scenes of Goodfellas is the Billy Batts incident, where the gangster is killed after insulting Tommy.

Now, with this whole Billy Batts situation, several questions can arise. One of which is “why wasn’t Jimmy also killed for his part in Batts’ murder” a topic which I’ve already covered in another video.

Another question which arises is just why the heck did Batts’ not get the hell out of there as soon as he heard Tommy say “keep him here?” Sure, he’s been gone away a long time, and he doesn’t know how much of a sick psycho Tommy has become, but surely when someone acts like that a thought might flash into your head that maybe this guy is going to come back and cause trouble? So let's take a look at this...

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