What if You Bring EVERYONE to EDEN PRIME in Mass Effect 3? (All Dialogue and Banter)

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1m Aug 3, 2021

In todays Mass Effect Legendary Edition video, we'll be exploring what happens if you bring EDI, Tali, Garrus, James, Ashley and Kaidan to Eden Prime in Mass Effect 3. This is ofcourse from the DLC "From Ashes" where you recruit Javik the Prothean. I've included every line of dialogue including the banter between finding Javik's statis pod.

Revisiting Eden Prime again prompts different & unique dialogue from your team, especially from Ashley and Kaidan, since they were with Shepard from the start in Mass Effect 1.

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00:00 - Mission Preview
00:38 - Shuttle Dialogue
04:53 - The Squad consoles Shepard
05:38 - Dinosaur Joke
06:43 - Squad reacts to Prothean history
09:09 - Conclusion

In 2183, Eden Prime was attacked by a geth force led by the rogue Spectre Saren Arterius. Commander Shepard, responding to the attack, encountered a Prothean beacon that warned of imminent Reaper invasion. It is thanks to this beacon, and the Commander's quick action, that the galaxy has any chance of survival today.

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