Evergreen: The Musical! "Day of Absence"

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1y Sep 15, 2020

Needs orchestration, for sure.


We present you with the absence
Of the white folk on the campus
So that people with some color
On their skin can feel at home

We can't afford to be a place
Ignoring every student's race
For race is the best basis
By which everyone is known

Yes race is not infrequently
The key to how society
Defines you and reminds you
That you’re privileged or oppressed

And so we must defeat it—
And the best way is to be it!
Sometimes you gotta backtrack
If you wanna see progress

into Community Love!

We’ve hacked up the statistics
And decolonized the physics
And now up is down, and big is small
And liberation’s nigh

Minorities of all the shades
Are centered in this sacred space
No harm will come so long as Trump
Is thoroughly despised

But fear ye not Caucasians
Ye of dominant persuasion
We've got a place for you to go
Downtown to do The Work

Of unlearning your supremacy
And how this here society
Must be dismantled brick to beam
Til everything is dirt...

And there we will together meet
And start again with Equity
All sin and hurt and suffering
We simply won’t abide

Our garden will be free of snakes
No bigotry we’ll tolerate
We are for love and so we hate
All who aren't on the side

of Community Love!

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