RE: Dear John

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2y Mar 30, 2019

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Thought I saw you on the street
Dancing with a man with ribbon tied to his feet
I pulled up but it was nothing but
A couple ladies & a lonely lookin dog

So I took myself back home
Thought a lil bit before calling you up on the phone
You didn't answer, it was the machine
Who told me I better not be meaning a fuckin thing
By givin you a ring

(So I said...)
To hell with it
I'm done with seein you everywhere
To hell with it
And you cant even pretend to care
That I was once right there
Every night with
My face pressed into your hair

Seven years and not a house or a kid
12 hundred feet of urban apartment
Books interlaced like two combs with their teeth
All mashed together
And remember it took a week
to sort em each from each

Don't think it was a thing that I said
So much as all the falsified evidence
That was used to prove we don't belong
Living on top eachother in the same old song
But I still think it's wrong
That you left me with nothin but a damn dear john
(that read)

To hell with it
I'm not loving you anymore
To hell with it
Tacked up on the bathroom door
Water spilled on the floor
All your jewelry liquidated out of the drawers

If anything I'm guilty as charged
Of sleeping up against the unlocked door of a moving car
Then the road gone and went to pot
And the latch came loose
And by the time that I looked up
All there was was dust

But rather than a bitter farewell
Or all the messiness that a broken heart entails
I'm gonna leave you with nothin but
A big F.U. and maybe just a little love

To hell with it
If all your love notes turned to knives
To hell with it
You were the life inside my life
To hell with it
I'm gonna find me another dame
To hell with it
Cause really aren't you all the same
The trap I can't refrain
From escaping from only to want again
To gain

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