Report Rostin Behnam to the CFTC’s Oversight Committee for his role in silver manipulation

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1m Jul 28, 2021

Report #RostinBehnam to the #CFTC’s Oversight Committee

If you’ve seen enough of the CFTC coverup in the #silver market, and want to redirect that energy in a positive way, you’ll want to see this video about how to report acting CFTC Chairman Rostin Behnam to the CFTC’s oversight committee.

This is the same Rostin Behnam who confirmed that the CFTC has been part of a price capping operation, that was most witnessed notably this past February.

And to begin holding these regulators accountable, watch the video to see where you can address your concerns (or just send the evidence files that the CFTC has been sitting on and refuses to comment on that are provided here):

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