Get more Clients | Small Business Instagram Hashtag Strategy

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2y Feb 15, 2019

Get more clients using this small business Instagram Hashtag strategy. Hashtags are an incredible way to reach new Instagram users and potential clients. In this tutorial, I cover researching hashtags, figuring out what hashtags you can rank for, discovering what hashtags your customers and client are following and using, and how to start conversations that can lead to sales. Instagram is an incredibly powerful platform with organic (unpaid) reach that far surpasses Facebook. It can be an amazing tool for entrepreneurs, brands, and small businesses. However, many people I might with focus too much on posting frequently but not enough on engaging directly with potential customers.
While it is important to post frequently, it's conversations, discussions, and being of service that ultimately leads to sales.
This guide will help you find new ways for your small business to reach your clients and using hashtags on Instagram.

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