Whip Up a Chocolate Raspberry CP Soap Cake with the Natures Garden Creative Team

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1m Sep 13, 2021

Whip Up a CP soap cake using Natures Garden ingredients including our Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil!

Get the full recipe: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/chocolate-raspberry-cake-cold-process-soap-recipe

Get the Ingredients:
Lye: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/lye/lye-sodium-hydroxide
Fractionated Coconut Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/fractionated-coconut-oil
Coconut Oil 76: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/coconut-oil-76
Shea Butter: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/shea-butter
Mango Butter: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/mango-butter
Sweet Almond Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/sweet-almond-oil
Palm Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/palmoil/palm-oil
Castor Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/castor-oil
Argan Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/argan/argan-oil
Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/chocolate-raspberry-drizzle-fragrance-oil
Cocoa Powder Organic: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/cocoa-powder-organic.html
SLS Free Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/sls-free-glycerin-melt-and-pour-soap
Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant: naturesgardencandles.com/soap-coloring/tomato-red-fun-soap-colorant
Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/soap-coloring/ultramarine-violet-fun-soap-colorant
Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/soap-coloring/neon-pink-fun-soap-colorant
Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/soap-coloring/black-oxide-fun-soap-colorant
Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorant: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/soap-coloring/brown-oxide-fun-soap-colorant
Vanilla White Color Stabilizer: https://www.naturesgardencandles.com/vanilla-white-color-stabilizer
Raspberries Mold: www.flexiblemolds.com

Click Here For Basic CP Soap Making Class: http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies/item/coldprocess/-cold-process-soap-class-101.html

Also, before attempting to make any cold process soap, please become familiar with Soap Making Safety Class: http://www.naturesgardencandles.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies/item/00soapsafe/-Soap-Making-Safety.html

Raspberry Melt and Pour Embeds Total Recipe Weights:
66 grams SLS Free Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
3 grams Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil
3 grams Vanilla White Color Stabilizer
2 drops Tomato Red FUN Soap Colorant
1 drops Neon Pink FUN Soap Colorant
2 drops Ultramarine Violet FUN Soap Colorant

Total Recipe Weights For Cake Bases:
517 grams Distilled Water
200 grams Sodium Hydroxide

272 grams Fractionated Coconut Oil
204 grams Sweet Almond Oil
204 grams Palm Oil
204 grams Shea Butter
204 grams Mango Butter
136 grams Argan Oil
136 grams Castor Oil
68 grams Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil
68 grams White Vanilla Color Stabilizer

Colorants for Brown CP Soap:
10 grams Cocoa Powder Organic
(mixed with a small amount of oils)
5 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Colorants for Pink CP Soap:
4 drops Tomato Red

CP Soap Frosting Total Recipe Amounts:
172 grams Distilled Water
69 grams Sodium Hydroxide

204 grams Coconut Oil, 76
45 grams Mango Butter
204 grams Palm Oil
34 grams Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil
34 grams White Vanilla Stabilizer

Frosting Total Recipe Amounts Colorant:
11 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
19 drops Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Melt and Pour Chocolate Drizzle Frosting:
240 grams SLS Free Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base
12 grams Chocolate Raspberry Drizzle Fragrance Oil
3 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
3 drops Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

Melt and Pour Chocolate Drizzle Colorants:
3 drops Black Oxide FUN Soap Colorant
3 drops Brown Oxide FUN Soap Colorant

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