People Vaping For the First Time

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6y Apr 24, 2015

http://www.davincivaporizer.com - We headed out to the famous Strip of Las Vegas to find what people think about the Ascent vaporizer. You'll be surprise to know what their reactions are!

The DaVinci™ Ascent is the most advanced and world’s first customizable vaporizer you'll ever come across. It was funny though how other people thought, at first, that the Ascent was a hair remover, an electrical shaving device, breathalyzer(that's close to a vaporizer), a harmonica, those devices used for diabetes strips and some even thought it's a vibrator(it's not a sex toy).

A few knew it was a vaporizer and they quickly compared it with the current vaporizer they are using. They thought it actually looks better than other vaporizers. We have several people try vaping green tea too and they found that the Ascent portable vaporizer hits well and they really love the purity of the taste.

The 100% glass pathway surely is the reason why they can get cleaner and the purest flavor when vaporizing loose leaf and oils. So if you want to define your lifestyle with a handheld vaporizer and achieved the ultimate vaping experience - get yourself an Ascent by Davinci™ today!

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