Hannibal of Carthage: The Battle of the Rhone Crossing

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2y Mar 24, 2019

This part of the story about the life of Hannibal of Carthage deals with his crossing into Gaul, dealing with friendly and hostile Celtic Tribes and the Battle of the Rhone.

Jacob ABBOTT (1803 - 1879)

There are certain names which are familiar, as names, to all mankind; and every person who seeks for any degree of mental cultivation, feels desirous of informing himself of the leading outlines of their history, that he may know, in brief, what it was in their characters or their doings which has given them so widely-extended a fame. Consequently, great historical names alone are selected; and it has been the writer's aim to present the prominent and leading traits in their characters, and all the important events in their lives, in a bold and free manner, and yet in the plain and simple language which is so obviously required in works which aim at permanent and practical usefulness. This volume is dedicated to Hannibal. (Summary from the preface of the book)

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