Tuesday Conversation with Friends: Dr. Kristin Samuelson, A Woman with Many Faces Ep: 4

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5m Apr 5, 2021

Tuesday Conversation with Friends: My guest today is Dr. Kristin Samuelson, a woman who writes her own scores in life. She started out as an opera singer, educator, and stage director for vocal productions. After getting out of an abusive marriage, she put herself through the Ph.D. Program at Teachers College, Columbia University, as a single mom while teaching fulltime. The journey thereafter did not turn out to be the yellow brick road she was hoping for. After a time of grieving, she dusted herself off, and transformed herself to be an award-winning actress, writer, and more. Recently she was interviewed by Formidable Woman Magazine and The Hollywood Times for the critically acclaimed film "Extradition," which she produced, wrote, and acted in.
This is a story of tenacity, flexibility, trusting your intuition, and not giving up.
Here's the link to her interview with The Hollywood Times: https://www.thehollywoodtimes.today/actress-writer.../
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Tuesday Conversation with Friends is a conversation series born out of our unique experience during the pandemic in 2020. One day, I started leafing through my Facebook friends list and realized I have absolutely fascinating friends.


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