Starseeds Travel Multiverse in Their Merkabah w/Von Galt: Sam Tripoli - Tin Foil Hat Podcast #327

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1w Jun 7, 2021

Enjoy this book interview of Buddhist Author, Von Galt on Comedian, Sam Tripoli's Tin Foil Hat Podcast show. This was recorded on June 16, 2020. However, due to the censorship and coercion tactics against content creators of Youtube in 2020 - 2021, Sam migrated all his content to his website and other uncensored video-sharing platforms, and then closed the Tin Foil Hat channel on YouTube. Therefore, this video is re-uploaded on my channel to be an example of how censorship of opposing viewpoints negates our ability to decide using the Buddhist Middle Way between polarity.

We put our hands together in namaste as a thank you to the dual nature of reality to make it easy for us to learn the life lesson and breath new life into our experience here on Spaceship 5D Earth. By doing so, we pull all up with us as we walk through the final doorway into Nirvana & Samsara together as we complete the Bodhisattva Sojourn.

You can enjoy this episode and others on his website:

His archived shows can also be viewed on these uncensored sites:

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