Excursion - Warface Gameplay HD - No Commentary

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Excursion - Warface Gameplay HD - No Commentary

Warface - What is Warface?

Warface is a free-to-play online first-person shooter game developed by Crytek Kiev, co-produced by Crytek Seoul, and published by My.com.The game was developed with Crytek's in-house CryEngine V. Following the free-to-play model, Warface centers around online firefights in PvP matches, with microtransactions allowing players to purchase weapons, equipment, and cosmetic gear. The Xbox 360 port, which was developed by Crytek UK, was discontinued in February 2015. The console version of the game was relaunched for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2018. Members of the game's development team split from Crytek Kiev in February 2019 to form a new development studio, Blackwood Games, who will handle future development duties for Warface.

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Classes and weapons

Players can choose between five different classes: Sniper, Rifleman, Engineer, Medic, or SED. Each class has its own specific combat role, with Medics reviving fallen and injured teammates, Engineers restoring and repairing armor, Riflemen providing additional ammunition, SED's for suppressive fire and eliminating large groups of enemies, and Sniper's for engaging in long-range firefights.

Each class comes has its own unique weapons and equipment, often split into two categories. Riflemen can choose between a variety of assault rifles and light machine guns, and have the ability to distribute ammunition to themselves and other players. Snipers can wield bolt-action and semi-automatic marksman and sniper rifles. Medics have access to automatic and pump action shotguns, as well as the ability to heal and revive teammates. Engineers can use sub-machine guns and personal defense weapons, and can replenish armor, place explosive mines, and quickly interact with explosives. SED's however, are different as they have access to heavy weaponry, aswell as a grenade launcher that does medium damage along with a flash effect.

Every class carries a secondary firearm, and an additional melee weapon. Each soldier's tool belt is supplied with a hand grenade, and can be modified or expanded with extra smoke or flash-bang grenades. The Engineer can also carry anti-personnel mines. Weapons have customization slots that can be used to outfit a firearm with scopes, bipods, handles, flash guards, and suppressors.

Game modes

Players can compete online in PvP matches, or combine their efforts against AI-controlled enemies in PvE battles, as well as Spec Ops. As players complete matches and missions, they can earn Experience Points, Warface Dollars, and Vendor Points. The amount of rewards earned varies depending on the number of players, the mission played, the mission's duration, the amount of checkpoints, and other criteria.

In-game currency

Warface Dollars can be used to rent weapons, and purchase armor and other items. Experience Points allow each player increase their personal Rank (level) in the game. Vendor Points are used to progress through the Arsenal tree, which features three categories of items that are unlocked in line with the player's in-game progression: Weapons, Attachments, and Equipment. VIP Booster Packs, which can be purchased from the in-game store, allow the player to earn additional Experience Points, Warface Dollars, and Vendor Points after a match. Another form of in-game currency, Kredits, are a premium currency that allow the purchase of the VIP Booster packs, player skins, bundles, special weapons, and more. Kredits are purchased with real-world money and are often required to purchase high-end weapons. Due to this, players often accuse the game of being "pay-to-win."

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