Why Did Butch Turn On Phil? | The Sopranos Explained

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1m Jul 27, 2021

In HBO’s classic mob drama The Sopranos, we follow New Jersey mob boss Tony Soprano and his attempt to survive the treacherous world of the mafia, the long arm of the law, and the headache-inducing world of family life.

In the series’ final episode, “Made in America”, a sit down is arranged between Tony and Paulie, representing the DiMeos, and Butch and Albie Cianfalone, representing the Lupertazzis. Butch expresses his dissatisfaction with Phil’s leadership and agrees to a ceasefire. He does not reveal Phil’s location, but agrees not to get in the way, and eventually, Phil is shot and killed at a gas station in front of his wife and grandchildren, and his head is crushed by his own SUV for good measure.

The war is over, and presumably, Butch takes Phil’s seat as boss of the family.

But a question does arise here – why did Butch turn on Phil so suddenly?

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