Will Mechs REPLACE Tanks?

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3y Nov 11, 2017

At Nerd Punch I hit you with the hard questions and don't shy away from the details. In this video we comprehensively discuss the reasons why our military doesn't build MechWarriors, Titans, Jaegers, Transformers, or whatever the f*ck you want to call them. Why are we using tanks when we could be stomping our enemies to death with giant steel humanoid killing machines?

In this video we discuss: Game Science: Will Mechs REPLACE Tanks? Mechs are cool, this is literally a fact. They work well in movies and video games, so why don't our militaries have them? Well.. a lot of reasons actually, but MechWarriors do have some big... benefits.

I'm glad you are still reading this far down into the description, because this video is long format and fairly comprehensive. When I answer these questions I go all out, and.. the video length shows it (I was actually being brief with this first video).

So if you think MechWarriors, Titans, Jaegers, AMP Suits, Transformers, Armored Core, Gundam, and all the other types of mechs are awesome and wondering why our militaries build tanks instead, then grab some Doritos and press play.

I'll catch you in the next video, where we ask Halo's Master Chief if he can swim.. or if he needs some toddler floaties, and if so, how big would these floaties need to be?

If you have any nerd questions about anything, comment in this video and we'll talk about it!

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