Surplus Zone: PIAT EOD Training Bomb

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1y Nov 17, 2019

In this episode of the Surplus Zone Vic takes a look at an inert PIAT training round from an Explosive Ordnance Disposal training kit. The kit included numerous other WWII and later ordnance and was intended to represent what might be found on training grounds and former battlefields throughout Europe. The 'instructional' round appears to have been made from an earlier live Mk3 bomb.

Vic filmed this episode on location and couldn't remember some details, such as the markings, off the top of his head. He's included more detail in his accompanying so be sure to check that out - https://armourersbench.com

Ever wished all the best gun history content creators were gathered in one place? Check out - https://surplused.com - we're on there!

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