The wisdom of Aldo Moro

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4y May 8, 2017

Aldo Moro (1916 -1978) was an italian politician, a true philospher and humanist who was abducted by the Red Brigades Terrorist-Group on march 16, 1978.
After 55 days of captivity, Aldo Moro was killed on May 9, 1978.
We are still mourning this terrible loss, even after 4 decades.

For the anniversary of his death, I made this little, meditative compilation, featuring some of his most beautiful quotes.

The drawings are done by me.
The empathic Music, dedicated for Aldo, was composed by Andrei Kuznetsov. Discover his work here :

Andreis Piano is accompagnied by the haunting violin of David McKenzie : http://www.soundcue.com/

May this artistic tribute inspire you and let you feel Aldo Moros loving spirit within your heart.

This video is NOT monetized. Love is for free.

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