Mac OS Catalina Drops 32-bit App Support & Breaks Apps By Improving Security

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1y Oct 24, 2019

In early October the new version of MacOS, known as Catalina was dropped and it seems like it hasn't been without it's hiccups. The main being that Apple has now officially dropped support for 32-bit applications which may not seem like a major issue but a lot of 3rd party applications are either 32-bit or use 32-bit installers. The problem is with a new function known as notarization which is Apple's method of verifying if you're application is not malicious by forcing you to have it reviewed by Apple, however even after it has been accepted it still may not function.

MacOS Catalina Drops 32-Bit App Support:

List of Incompatible 32-Bit Apps:

LibreOffice Having Issues With Notarization:

GIMP Permission Issues On Catalina

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