SixLight - Lead The Way Animation Mix AMV ( For Double4Anime )

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4y May 22, 2017

Was going to make the last video for Double4Anime, but decided against it so I could make a better one for him. And boy, did it turn out great! I was about to upload it yesterday, but the rain just had to choose that moment to come and sooth the drought. Rained in, I couldn't upload it. But it helped in a way, as when I woke up this morning I got to animate more to replace some of the old animations I was going to put in this video. I actually held back on taking my trip because I wanted to finish this video for Double4Anime first. Anyways, I've been doing better emotionally and that helped a lot, too. It was easier to focus and thanks to that I made some pretty incredible animations. Now, some of you might know about Double4Anime, you might think he's stupid, might think he's a freak. None of those thoughts could be more wrong. I see him open up, even admitting that he does some petty things. He takes time away from his normal uploading habits to let his fans know what's going on in his own life, personal details. If you're letting fans know personal details and shit so they know what's up, that's a big way of showing that you CARE about your fans a lot. Much respect for you, Double4Anime, don't let the haters bring you down! Enjoy!

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