The Coming Collectivist Civil War - ANALYSIS

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1m Oct 9, 2021

Become a monthly contributor http://www.yaronbrookshow.com/support This video was created by Christian Jackson. Taken from YBS: Zuckerberg's Response; A New Civil War? Streamed live on October 8, 2021. You can see the full video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vRaaURQnXKE

#LeftistCivilWar #AmericaNewCivilWar #TrumpCivilWar

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Ningishzida @tanman 1m 1 month ago

Very Interesting insight...
There are 3 lies: White Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics...

If We Had Uniforms we would be engaged by now...

Democrat (Voted to KEEP SLAVES = Racism) - Take his stuff and give to me/him - then we can be equal.
Republican - I worked for it - it's mine - keep your hands off! - You can have it too if you work for it.

I am curious to see how 'steering' the questions are...

  • If it's not bad enough that everybody is laughing at teachers (commie programmers) Free College completely devalues ALL College education (Include Universities) 'Those who can - do, those who can't teach.'
  • Family leave is an unfair disaster waiting to happen (OK - I only have to hire people over childbearing age to avoid it) as 1 pregnant female takes 2 people out of the workforce - so the more kids you have the less you have to work.
  • END UNIONS - the only thing they do is fund crime - such as extortion. Right to work is good - it keeps leeches (lazy employees) incentivized to actually work.
  • Taxing the Rich never happens (who do you think gives politicians money to exclude them from laws?) stupid as most of their income is from tax-free sources so they don't pay it anyway. (The consumer does as the tax expense is calculated into the profit model.)

Democrat believes life is valueless or they wouldn't want abortions, and they must be immoral to need them. (If there was a little less promiscuity and more Family values <vs tramps> the world would be a lot better off...

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