InRange Q&A #4

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5y Jun 13, 2016

In this Q&A session, we answer questions from our Patreon supporters, including:

0:57 - What are our "grail guns"?
4:01 - Comparing American and Soviet rifle doctrine
9:03 - What's up with Karl's German and Russian gear?
13:03 - Do we play tabletop wargames?
14:33 - What are Karl's particular firearms interests?
16:17 - Have we bought any guns because of movies?
19:22 - Why does Karl hate the BAR so much?
22:40 - What are our opinions of the firearms industry and community?
32:26 - Can we expand 2-Gun competition to northern Arizona?
36:14 - How does the PDW or pistol-caliber carbine fare in 2-Gun?
39:57 - What are the best guns for a beginner in 2-Gun?
42:09 - What about NRA bulleye rifle and pistol competition?
47:26 - Will there be more Old West Vignettes?
48:39 - What do we think of Czech Mausers?
48:56 - Will we be filming at DEFCON this year?


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InRange is an online video program dedicated to the study of guns, shooting, gun culture, and history. We dispel the myths, promote the good stuff that hasn't gotten the attention it deserves.


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