The Beast

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7m Dec 17, 2020

The Beast
A monumental ego and a self seeking ruthlessness have propelled Grossman to the top of his profession. An 'alpha male' in every sense, Grossman surrounds himself with flatterers and sycophants who fear and loathe him.
Knowing his reputation for preying on young female employees, Caroline keeps her distance but an opportunity to advance her career propels her into Grossman's lascivious clutches.

Written and Directed by Ian Dixon Potter
Performed by Melanie Thompson
Original music composed and performed by Neil Thompson
Filmed by Ian Dixon Potter
Edited by Howard White


“Melanie Thompson's easy articulacy is engaging” “Fertile ground for debate in a way similar to Mamet’s “Oleanna” – where the lines and boundaries of morality are a valid subject for heated argument” “To say more would spoil the interest in this piece. Writing and acting are strong, and it is a worthwhile 28 minutes”
★★★★★ (four and a half Stars) Theatre Monkey

“One might not agree with Caroline’s course of action, but this is a thoughtful and compelling production. ” “An interesting take on what it is to climb the career ladder whilst making compromises along the way to achieve one’s ambitions” “Caroline’s engaging nature certainly helps keep the viewer interested"
★★★★ London Theatre 1

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